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A Darn Good Yarn Swift

A Darn Good Yarn Swift

  • $ 50.00

What is a yarn swift? Well, you know most of my yarns are sold as "non-balls" of yarn.. you probably have had to wind them into balls to use them. Well, this little gadget allows for easy balling, without the yarn getting tangled and knotted.

I know I sound like I've had way too much caffeine when I tell you about everything on the site. Fact is, I totally love everything on my site and if I didn't, I wouldn't carry it!

Now, I get it... yarn swifts... *yawn*. And I thought the same thing until I discovered these little beuts! Made in Sweden these two piece yarn swifts are super compact but stretch out to take on your largest skeins of yarn or your smallest. They can slip right away into your crafting tools drawer and just pull it out whenever you need to whip up a skein into a ball!

Oh, if you are looking for a cool gift for a yarn-lover this would do the trick with one click.

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