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Celtic Knotwork Leather Tankard - 1 Quart Size

Celtic Knotwork Leather Tankard - 1 Quart Size

  • $ 55.00

Hand crafted, quart sized, leather tankard with Celtic Knotwork design. Sealed with beeswax.

Height: 7.5"
Diameter: 3.5" at mouth
Width: 8.5" (including handle)

Weight: 1 lb
Capacity: 1 quart (32 oz)

For use with cold beverages only.
NOT intended for hot liquids as they will melt the beeswax.
Spirituous liquors (distilled alcohols such as vodka, gin, whiskey, etc.) may eat away at the beeswax, causing leakage.
NOT intended for long term storage of liquids.
Do NOT use soap.
Hand rinse with cold water only.
NOT microwave, dishwasher, or heat source safe. (It will melt the wax and ruin the leather.)

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