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Volcanic Sea Salt Soap (For the Face)

Volcanic Sea Salt Soap (For the Face)

  • $ 6.50

Volcanic Sea Salt (For the Face) handcrafted by The Healthy Porcupine

If you have never tried a sea salt bar, look no further because you are in for a treat!

Sea salt is packed with trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc.  These minerals help with drawing toxins out of the body as well as relax muscles and increase blood circulation.  These bars are not drying at all; you will find that they leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed all day.

Sea salt bars are significantly heavier and last longer than other bars due to their density and mineral content.  This is a very, VERY hard bar that creates a beautiful fluffy lather.

The activated charcoal in the soap also acts as a detoxifier and helps reduce the instances of acne by drawing out the dirt and oils that are blocking your pores. 

Net weight: 6.3 oz

Ingredients: coconut oil, sea salt with activated charcoal, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter

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